Cocktail Mixologist Hire (1-3 Hours)


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Cocktail Bartenders (Mixologists) are the true professionals for making spectacular bespoke cocktails.

They can make the majority of classic cocktails around the world and they have their very own repertoire of unique cocktails.

Private Mixologists are the chefs of the drink industry and know what ingredients mix well together exciting guests taste buds with perfectly balanced drinks between Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spice.

All cocktail bartenders come with their own personal cocktail bar kit arriving up to an hour in advance to prepare the drinks service area.

All booking customers also have access to our event managers on 24-7.

Please Note: All staff are advised to prepare upon arrival a batch of partially completed cocktails for a quick and smooth service start. This allows 1 bartender to handle profesionally up to 40-60 guests.